Here are just some of the exciting projects we've been working on.
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"In This Family Together"

Genesis came to us with a need for a series of commercial spots to supplement their family campaign.  The goal was to keep things light-hearted and humorous while directing attention to the idea of having a go-to family doctor.  Here is the series of spots we produced that helped them accomplish that goal.


"The Power of Transportation"

MetroLINK provides a vast amount of transportation resources to the community as well as giving back to help with the overall growth of our region.  They needed a video that would quickly and efficiently present some of that information in a format that could be used to start a conversation or kick off a presentation.

The Foundation

"A New Day"

The Foundation is a fitness gym in Moline.  They were rebranding and needed a marketing piece that would set themselves apart from every other gym in the area.  We focused on the feeling and support you would get as a member rather than what the gym has to offer in terms of services.  The result was a short piece that would connect with new members and inspire them to get started.

Within Interior Design Studio


The team at Within had recently rebranded their interior design business and needed a series of spots that would represent the new brand.  We wanted to take the approach of showcasing common problems that homeowners face and presenting a solution that Within could solve.

Realtor Alex Wolking

"This Is Me"

Alex came to us to work up a concept for a video that he could use to help promote himself as a realtor. We knew that we had to make this stand out from the crowd by doing one simple thing; telling the story of who Alex is, rather than what he can do. His passion is obvious and through his own words, he establishes a connection and foundation of trust for those who may be needing his services to buy and sell real estate.

Renew Moline

"A History of Progress"

2019 was the 30th Anniversary for Renew Moline and they wanted a video to showcase their past accomplishments and future plans. We created a story that was built upon real stories and a community that has come together to support one another.

Wahl Clipper Corporation

"Your Everyday Tool" 

Wahl is constantly building and releasing new clippers for their professional, home and animal departments.  For this marketing piece, they needed a video that captured that variety of applications of this new clipper.  Rather than focusing directly on the features, we focused on the users to evoke a more emotional connection to the product.

John Deere

"Run Your World"

John Deere wanted a short piece that would connect their employees with the community and customers in a relatable way.  We executed the production with this concept to get that message across without needing additional footage and content that would slow it down.


"The New ITM Machine"

IHMVCU was looking for a more humorous way to present their new ITM machines that was more catchy than just explaining the facts.  We took this approach to keep it fun but informative and let everyone know what the new machines had to offer.

Regional Safety Departments

"Lock it Down"

The Davenport police department came to us with a need to create a video supplement to their ongoing 'lock it down' campaign.  As this was going to be used by all regional departments as well, we needed a way to represent the message without actually filming.  The solution was to provide an animated commercial that was generic enough for everyone to promote.

RACOM Corporation

"Providing Trust"

RACOM needed a marketing video that was able to capture the experience and integrity of the company as well as represent the services and support that they provide. So much of RACOM's success is about the personal relationships and amazing customer service that they provide every single day. From concept through completion, we worked to capture the intangible idea of building that relationship on the basis of trust.

CASI - Center for Active Seniors

"It's Time to Notice"

CASI needed a marketing piece that would bring awareness to the abuse and neglect that our senior community faces on a daily basis.  We knew this needed to be raw and impactful so our approach was to simplify everything and get to the heart of the message without any fluff.  

Elliott Jets / Elliott Aviation

"TBM Features"

Elliott Jets - a division of Elliott Aviation - is a dealer for new and used aircraft.  They wanted to promote this new jet and all of the exciting features it offers through a dynamic video presentation that was more exciting and engaging than just a list of facts.  

Iowa City Community School District

"We Are One"

The ICCSD came to us in need of a marketing piece that would help bridge the gap between the different schools in the district and bring everyone together on a personal level.  To accomplish this, we relied more on message and feeling than just facts, and the final piece represents a district that everyone can be proud of.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

"Money Saving Tips" 

IHMVCU is a huge advocate of video for marketing and needed a campaign that would blend well with their educational blog.  We developed a string of videos that would be fun and light-hearted, but still get the facts across and the educational points they were wanting to convey. 

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Cordova International Raceway

"Are You Ready"

Cordova International Raceway came to us with a blank slate.  They needed a spot that would promote the return of the world series of drag racing to Cordova.  Rather than the typical in-your-face approach, we conceptualized an emotional approach to build anticipation for the event.

ICE Technologies

"Un-Complicating Healthcare IT"

ICE Technologies needed a campaign that was fun and humorous, but would represent the pains that IT professionals in the healthcare field deal with every day.  The result was to make it relatable and show that ICE recognizes these problems and have solutions in place to alleviate them.  

Slide to view the other campaign videos.

RMA Armament


RMA Armament was looking for a quick, high-energy and effective way to show that the body armor they produce is unstoppable.  We were able to create a series of videos to show how each plate performs when put the highest level of quality testing in the industry.

ICE Technologies

"The Power of ICE"

ICE Technologies needed a story piece that effectively told the story of who they are and who they serve.  We built the story upon the experiences of those at ICE and also those that have experienced their service first hand.

Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau


The QCCVB came to us needing a short commercial style piece to correspond with the unveiling of their new rebranding. We were tasked with capturing the essence of the Quad Cities in a way that would make people proud to live, work and play here.

Haus of Heir

"v76 by Vaughn"

When Haus of Heir began carrying a new product line for men, they came to us to produce an edgy, stylized video that would show off the brand.  We wanted a raw feel that felt editorial and high end at the same time and this was the result.