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Client Testimonial – Elliott Aviation

The following is a testimonial that we received from Elliott Aviation.  They are an amazing client to work with and we have a relationship where we’re constantly pushing each other to go bigger and better. Here is what they had to say:

“I’ll admit, I’m a tough client. I have incredibly high standards and our department works at a very fast pace to continually try and outpace our competition. That being said, I don’t have time to micro-manage projects. Matt has the distinct ability to share, execute and enhance my overall vision for any given project. He works with my department as a partner and throughout the several dozen projects we have done with him, have never needed to spend a lot of time getting into every last detail.

To me, something that separates a mediocre vendor from a great vendor is passion and pride in what they do. Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of vendors who I can tell are just working through a project. If you are reading this testimonial, you have probably experienced this. It feels as though they are either wanting to cross your project off of their list, or they keep throwing the project back to you to tell them how to do the job they hired them to do.  Working with Matt has been refreshing, because I never feel that way. He is not just an executer, he is a leader. He is not afraid to make decisions throughout the process to make your project better. Even more, he knows when to lead and when to take specific direction.

In addition to local work, I’ve worked with camera crews and other vendors from all over the country. Matt is my first pick every time. I’ve sent him all over the US to do shoots because I know there is no one else in the country that can produce the level of quality we expect in our video production. I highly recommend using Matt as a partner in your next project, just make sure it’s on a day I don’t need him.”     


Andrew Evans
Director of Marketing
Elliott Aviation

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